AT-11 Kansan Restoration Project Underway

AT-11 Kansan Restoration Project Underway

The complete restoration of an AT-11 Kansan aircraft is underway and is being headed up by AirCorps Aviation of Bemidji in conjuction with Wings of the North air museum of Eden Prairie, MN.

Only 1,584 AT-11 Kansans were built by the U.S. Artmy between 1941 and 1944; however, only about 30 are currently known in the U.S. with even fewer that are flyable or potentially flyable -- estimated at 11.

The AT-11 Kansan restoration project has selected an aircraft found in Missouri and shipped it to Bemidji for restoration. The first step in the process is inspecting and verifying the spar is in serviceable condition.

Please follow us on our journey as we take 1,000s of parts and restore what will be one of only a dozen or so AT-11s that flys just like she did back in the early 1940s.

AT-11 Kansan Restoration Begins